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How I got a room full of Kindergarteners to be present in class.

In this week’s review, let’s consider the title, Meditation is an Open Sky: Mindfulness for Kids, by Whitney Stewart and Sally Rippin. A quick show of hands, who reading thinks they’re able to succinctly describe what mediation is? It’s often portrayed as an activity that requires isolation, absolute silence, and what might seem like impossible

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Immigration and Education

In the story, Mango Moon, by Diane de Anda and Sue Cornelison, we witnessed the tragic separation of an immigrant family of four in the United States. Maricela and Manuel are two young students who, on their way home from school, receive the news from their crying mother that their Papi was detained at work

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How to talk with children about bad touching

I was at a children’s party earlier this year and a parent stated that they were upset because her daughter came home and said that a little boy said the word ‘penis.’ I thought it might have been startling for her, because the kids attend a private Christian school, but when I responded I asked,

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School is in session

The Book Club Blog focuses on creating an inclusive classroom for educators and a clear conversation for parents within their home with a focus on book topics that are not straight forward to discuss. The hope is to create a more equitable and inclusive atmosphere in the classroom.

September 2022
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